The Gilded Knight
Classic Regency Romances Book #21

  Recently widowed and left to raise a daughter on her own, the self-sacrificing Lady Nell Simmons knows she faces an uncertain future: her late husband's cousin and the rightful heir to their estate has staked his claim and is demanding Nell's removal, despite the fact that her delicate daughter is fearfully ill. When the heartless heir sends his wayward brother Charles to hasten her departure, Nell is relieved to realize that the scandalous man has more compassion than she imagined, but she's still wary of his motives-- as well as the romantic feelings he stirs in her.

  Sir Charles Blake, widely known to be a rake and a wastrel, has agreed to serve as his brother's henchman only as a means to having his considerable debts erased. But when he arrives at the estate, determined to do his unpleasant duty, he's struck by Nell's quiet dignity and her generous spirit, and suprises even himself by tending to her ailing daughter. And as a ferocious winter storm strands him there, Charles slowly comes to find himself torn between his obligation to his brother and the feelings of tender longing Nell has inspired in him.

  Wondering if he can possibly defy his own brother's wishes at the risk of leaving himself destitute, Charles realizes he must summon a resolve he's not sure he possesses. For by facing his own true feelings for Nell and convincing her of his sincerity, he may finally be able to restore his tarnished reputation and secure both their futures-- and their hearts . . . 

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Simpson excels at imbuing her realistic characters with subtle depths!
                                                                                             – John Charles,  American Library Association

Donna Lea Simpson (also Donna Simpson) is a nationally bestselling romance and mystery author with over 37 novels and seven novellas to date.

Kensington Books
published her first romance novels under their imprint Zebra Regency Romances, and Berkley published her 'Awaiting...' paranormal romance series set in Germany. Other novels include Book 1 of the 'Lady Anne' series... a historical romance mystery at Sourcebooks. (Lady Anne books 2 & 3 are available at Beyond The Page.)

These days, Donna writes traditional mysteries under the pseudonym Victoria Hamilton and Amanda Cooper. But now, thanks to Beyond The Page Publishing, she is thrilled to bring back the Regencies and historical mysteries that readers loved so well.

When not writing, Donna enjoys crafts, cooking and singing, wine and friends, and best of all, reading!

       National Bestselling Historical Romance Author 

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Did you know...
Donna Lea Simpson also writes mysteries
under the pseudonyms of
Victoria Hamilton & Amanda Cooper?

  Victoria Hamilton is the pseudonym of nationally bestselling romance author Donna Lea Simpson. She now happily writes about vintage kitchen collecting, muffin baking and dead bodies in the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and Merry Muffin Mystery series.

  Besides writing about murder and mayhem, and blogging at Killer Characters, Victoria collects vintage kitchen wares and old cookbooks, as well as teapots and teacups.

   You can find out more about Victoria Hamilton at her website, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest.  
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Victoria Hamilton

'NEW' Historical Mystery from Victoria Hamilton!

First in a NEW series!
A Gentlewoman's
Guide to Murder

Scandal and slayings among Regency London's elite

The shocking murder of Sir Henry Claybourne leaves Regency London shaken and horror-struck. But for genteel spinster Miss Emmeline St. Germaine, the crime slices far too close to home.

Just hours before the knight's death she held a dagger to him, threatening him to stay silent as she rescued a scullery maid he had procured
for his pleasure.

Did the man— or woman— who murdered the knight know of her visit? Her secret identity at risk, her reputation and life in jeopardy, Emmeline must solve the crime or face scandalous exposure and ruination, or worse— the hangman's noose— for a crime she did not commit.

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Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

"[An] outstanding series launch. ... Hamilton expertly balances the page-turning detection with the
story of a  hypocritical society where women, whether they are scullery maids or orphans, rarely get
to make their own decisions.  "―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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